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new to forum, so sorry if this covered. i read on net that adding a piece of charcoal in woodbox along with wood chunk(s) would improve smoke ring. is this OK to do with cookshack supersmoker? operator's manual says do not use fuel such as charcoal briquettes. i love my new smoker & don't want to damage it, but i'd like to try the charcoal idea. i've been very happy with results even without the charcoal, but always looking to improve. anybody have any guidance to share?
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Sorry for the reading of the,but most have learned to read the forum for user friendly advice. You can use the find button at the top left to search the forum,oh heck you're a Newbie, let me help you.

If my memory is right, use 2 pieces of charcoal and some brands are better than others, DON'T use the fuel soaked kind.
Okay the guys didn't answer your question (come on guys, remember, we're here to HELP) Big Grin

Yes, you can add a chunk or two to help the SR without having to resort to TQ. There are lots of discussions about the SR (that's what Smoke'n Ice was asking) but many people (wrongly) believe it's the only sign of good Q (don't get me started).

If you really want to get into it, there is science behind why it does what it does and why it really doesn't matter, except for visually.

Welcome to the group. We'll help, just ask away.

I will at times put a couple kingsford charcoals in with my wood when doing ribs. I don't do this for myself,but to impress some guests.

I can't tell any difference in taste, but haven't tried the TQ on my big meats to see there.

Smokin' has told us to keep good notes and try one both ways. That way we know for ourselfs what we like and what not to do again. Seems simple enough!

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