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The instructions sent with the baffle says set 150 for 15 to 20 minutes.If chamber exceeds 90 turn unit off. Problem is at that setting the chamber hits 90 before it starts smoking..Large pan of ice being used. Smokin Okie says not to let chamber exceed 140.
Does anyone have any thoughts on my dilemma?
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Well, I guess you will find that I always have some thoughts to say, but Smokin' might warn you that I really don't have a very good grip on what I'm talking about,oh well!

I would let it run, with the baffle and ice, tell the 20 minute start up period is over,THEN open the door a couple of times to dump the heat, then put my cheese in to smoke.I'll try anything once in a CS.

If this doesn't work I would try something different tell someone with a little more knowledge then me comes along,which usually doesn't take long.

It's NOT fragile, sometimes a person has to play around with the smoker and try a few different ideas tell you get it working the way you want.

By the way, congrats on the new toy!!!
Use the baffel and put ice in a pan on top of it, close the door and let the smoker cool down as much as you can. Smoking cheese is best done on cold days. Use very small wood like sawdust or samll chips. Turn on the smoker to any temp you want like 250. When you get a steady stream of smoke turn the smoker off and put your cheese on the racks. If (when) the smoker gets to about 90-100 degrees inside, open the door and let it cool down or your cheese will melt. If you need to... remove the cheese, recool the smoker and repeat. I try to get 3 cycles of this proceedure. Usually after the first cycle I can get a pretty good smoke stream without too much hassel. Afterward wrap your cheese in foil and refirgerate over night. Hope this helps. For me its pretty much a half day deal and you have to baby sit it to.
One other item a person needs to take into account is that my 020(which is like the 025) needs to have the rack system on the bottom slots so the internal temp probe is under the baffle on the bottom shelf.

If the rack system is on the top slots the probe will be on the same side as the pan of ice, this could create some temp issues while using the baffle to cold smoke.
Many thanx to all. I struggled most of yesterday..ended up opening the door getting the smoke going..putting the ice tray and cheese in the c.s....turning the unit off and letting it go..took three cycles. I was pleased with the results..wife thought it was over smoked..took two flavors to a haloween party and got great revues. Really appreciate the feedback. Will definately try the charcoal next time.
Thanx again.
Today...pork butt
This is one hell of an adventure.
If the rack system is on the top slots the probe will be on the same side as the pan of ice, this could create some temp issues while using the baffle to cold smoke.

I run a 050 and when using the baffle, the probe is always on the ice side of the baffle with no problems.

I use the following rule once the smoker is turned on:

Run the smoker for no more than 20-25 minutes or until the upper chamber hits 85, whichever occurs first. Then turn it off. Then let it sit (without opening) for 1.5 or two hours.

Has always worked for me. And I've never had to cycle it again. Another rule is that the cheese will always taste more smokey the next day.
I use a cardboard box with top cut off and invert it on top of the smoker. You need a box large enough to put an oven rack underneath it. The smoke comes up through the vent of the smoker and into the box. This method smokes the cheese without getting hot enough to melt it. You just need to be careful not to put the cheese directly above the smoke hole.

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