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I use the cold baffle for cheese and it works very nicely.

I put a pan of ice on top of the baffle (as suggested) and put the cheese on the seafood racks (or anything that will prevent it from slipping through the cracks if it gets too gooey)

I usually break chunks of wood into small pieces (but not chips) and then fire up.

I let it go for 25 minutes or when the chamber reaches 85 deg whichever occurs first. Then turn it off and let it sit for 1.5 hours. Works nice.

And remember, that the cheese will taste more smokey the next day.... and then just get better.
Originally posted by Chef-Boy-Arnie:
The Draft on Cheese 101 is a good starting point.

Can that be added on the forum home page along with the other 101s?

Not until I complete it, it's pretty much one of the lesser 101's and it needs some work for me to make it official. It'll be some time, just too much to work on.

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