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I did a chuck blade roast in the Smokette after I saw one posted on a site that has been mentioned here. It was great. moist, juicy, great flavor. And, it looked like the one in the link. I used 2 oz apple, 225, 6.5 hours. the roast was 3.5 lbs and about 2.5" thick.

I used a rub of montreal steak and sugar in the raw. 2 - 1 mix in favor of the sugar.

see Smoked Chuck Roast

I took it to about 190 - 1-2 and foiled/wrap/cooler for 1 hour. I also used about 5 pieces of Kingsford to get a smoke ring. That turned out great too.

I am going to do another one later this week. I will get a pic to Smokin' if any interest.
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What did you think of the 190 internal? done, too done?

Sure send us a Pic, my email address is in my profile and on the guide page. Send it to me unedit so I can modify the size.

That link you have is from a friend of the forum, Stogie. You might laugh, but his smoked bologna is pretty good also.

I thought that the temp was great. It needed it in my opinion for the breakdown of the fat. I never opened the door during the cook. I have learned to trust on sensitive meats.

I did find that a couple days in the fridge it was a little dry tasting just wrapped in lose foil.

The meat was juicy, so flavorful, pulled/chopped nicely and cut nicely.

I am not sure what it would be like on a bigger cut. The one I used came from BJ's. I trimed nothing and a couple pieces needed a little final at eating time.

I would say the results were perfect for the first time with this cut of meat. The seasoning was a great player int he result as well.

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