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Yep Smokin'

But the FE comp class is sold out for this Dec., so I talked to Stuart to make sure that I can get on next years list, cause I have a feeling that it will fill up quickly also.

It was so nice to talk with FE and Stuart at the American Royal, what a fine group they make.

I'll not be competing next year, but hey one more year of judging won't hurt me. I have so many items to buy and David was kind enough to show me how he set up his trailer, so that gave me something to think about.

Heck my wife has been bitten by the bbq bug also.

The waiting for a year is hard, but the anticipation on meeting some new friends will help get me through the wait,ya know!
Okay yes it is in the class room not the greens. lol. Yes, cal this years comp class is full and I understand the possibly the next rest/catering class might be full. I believe the next comp class is still open. I know you have talked with a Stuart but it wouldn't hurt to send Mandy a message or call she is the one presently in charge of classes.

This class was great and full of folks looking to open a restaurant and some people already in the business looking to put BBQ in their place. It is good to have this one behind us and alway looking for the next one. Thanks to everyone that took time out their schedule to attend and thanks t everyone from Cookshack for all they do.

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