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Did my first cold smoked salmon on the FEPG500 using the following procedure:
• Rinsed 2.5 lb. wild caught Copper River Salmon filet in cold water & patted dry
• Placed ¼ inch of evaporated salt in half pan, placed salmon filet on salt bed and covered with an additional ¼ inch of salt (about 4 pounds total)
• Placed in refrigerator for 14 hours
• Removed from refrigerator and rinsed under cold running water
• Placed in pan of cold water and refrigerated for 2 hours to even out the salt
• Removed from water and placed on rack while wet
• Placed in refrigerator uncovered for 18 hours to dry and achieve shinny look
• Placed rack with salmon filet in cold smoke drawer for 2 hours
• Removed from smoker, wrapped in plastic and will be refrigerated for 12 hours to mellow the smoke flavors (I will admit that I sampled it prior to wrapping in plastic and it had a great flavor of smoke, salmon and very little salt)
• Will then thin slice at a 45 degree angle for service
FEPG Settings
• Set point of 170
• Removed the Zone 4 grate and grease deflector
• Used BBQ Delight hickory pellets
• Allowed fire to start and then made the adjustments of L & H to 1.0
• Vented unit doors to drop heat
• Started smoke at 9 am with all the doors closed
• Ambient temperature of 50 degrees
• Cold smoke drawer temp of 71 degrees
• Monitored temps continually to insure that the salmon filet did not reach 80 degrees. If had, would have converted to hot smoke and fully cooked the filet.
• Removed from unit at 11 am
• Ambient temperature of 55 degrees
• Cold Smoke drawer temp of 78 degrees
• Unit indicated between 120 and 140 on the internal probe and the fire did not go out but gave good smoke.
As long as the ambient temperature remains below 55 degrees, the cold smoke drawer can be used without the need of an ice pan.
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I've been trying to join this forum for several days and things finally worked this morning.

I appreciate your posts on using the PG500 and they have helped me decide to keep my PG500 order instead of upgrading to the PG1000.

Not sure there is anything that I could not do on the PG500 and I know it can cold smoke which is of major importance to me. Cookshack has still not tested the new PG1000 cold smoke ability now that it has the warming drawer included. The superior heat retention may make it more difficult.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences testing the pG500.

Actually, it was Eddy who told me that the PG1000 had yet to be tested for cold smoking. Karen at Cookshack also confirmed that it had not been done yet.

Eddy recommended that I just place my PG500 order on hold until the results are in but I decided to just move forward with the PG500--great $$$ deal, same controller and cooking design, but not double insulated and not high quality stainless. Not too much of a concern in my dry and mild CA climate.

I will definitely share some of my cooks.'


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