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Hello I am cooking a pork butt for a food day tomorrow at work I just put it the 08. I got home late because of a snow storm and they are say we are going to have high winds all night. My question is will it be done by 6AM if I cook it at 225 deg or should I kick it up to 250 My pork butts usally run 15 hours + and will it come out ok at 250 ?
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Kicking it up to 250, in my experience, won't make up three hours of cooking. On the other hand, the wind won't add much to the cook time. You may end up with sliceable rather than pullable pork at that cook temp. Best to stick a thermo probe in the meat and hope for the best, leaving the meat in until the last possible moment till you have to leave for work.
Kick it up all the way.

If you can brave it,take it out of the cooker after about five hrs[or 165�],double wrap it in foil,with 1/2 cup fruit juice a, little more rub,and a handful of brown sugar.

Put it in your preheated 275� house oven.

Stick your temp probe in it.

If it is not done by 4:30 A.M.,kick it to 300�.

As Fast Eddy says,sometimes heat is your friend.

Cook to 195� internal.

Wrap in a couple old towels and into a small dry cooler.

"It won't be the best you can be,but it'll be the best they'll ever see".

Have fun,don't worry.
Folks lets make one thing clear here; the CS will take the cold & windy weather and do very well. I feel the problem here is lack of time & good timing. My ST has done me very well in 14 degree weather and howling wind and many here have cooked in much worse conditions with narly a hitch in their timing. Given a chance both the CS & ST will perform in any weather condition a human is willing to venture into.

Just my $0.02

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