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Who doesn't like a back yard bbq with friends and family? Typically when I invite everyone over, I usually pick one meat and provide a couple of sides. My guests always want to contribute and usually bring drinks and desserts.

Well, I want to really test myself and hopefully get some feedback about several different meats all cooked in the same 24 hours and enjoyed by the guests in the same evening. I was thinking about offering the big 4. Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, and Chicken. Sounds like my own mini competition. I am up to the challenge, I just wonder if the SM150, PG500 and the SM025 can handle the work. Actually, I know they can. I wonder if I can manage the machines managing the load.

I know the electrics aren't legal in the competitions, but I think the experience will be great for me.

My plan is outlined below, please provide input on what you think will work or wont. I am sure many of you have tackled something like this. Thanks!!!

Guests # 25-30. Saturday Dinner at 4pm.


Midnight-I am going to start a full brisket in the PG500. I will offer sliced and burnt ends. After 4 hours I am going to wrap it and move it to the SM150. (no point in wasting pellets)

Midnight-At the same time the 2 pork shoulders will be going into the SM025.

At 11:00am I will start 4 racks of St. Louis Ribs in the PG500. After 3 hours I will wrap them and place them in the SM150.

Noon-2pm Both the Brisket and Pulled Pork should be about done and ready for FTC. I will slice off the point and use the SM025 or SM150 for the Burnt Ends.

3:30pm Start my Chicken thighs on the PG500. I really like how they come out at 375 for an hour. Crispy skin with some sauce to finish them. Probably not competition quality, but I am really going for the timing here. I thought Chicken would be a nice thing to serve nice and hot around 4:30 when guests start eating.

Thanks for reading, Any thoughts?
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My timing on the ribs have been about 5 total hours. They should be coming off at 4pm. Do you think I should delay 30 minutes on the ribs and have the Chicken and Ribs finish at the same time? The only problem with that is the offset smoker space will be filled with chicken and that's generally the space that I finish my Ribs. I guess I could pull the chicken off and put the ribs on. I am just setting the sauce and it takes about 10 min.
Make SURE to allot time to cut/prep the meats. Easy enough to hold the food, but I'd put some thought into the presentation and what you cut when/first, etc. I would give everyone a "plate" of all four, give them a little sample judging form and have some fun with it.

Also, sides, etc.

You have plenty of food it sounds like for 30 people.

Shoot, even give yourself a little trophy. My trophy is a good bottle of Tequila Smiler

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