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Grand Champion at Memphis in May.

And to think he almost got sent home on that lame Food Network show. Great job Chris!

From another MIM Facebook post:

All the Teams are winners but these are the big trophy takers - First Place in Patio Porkers - Fat Side Up; First Place in Ribs - Bubba Grills; First Place in Shoulders - Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q; First Place in Whole Hog is Yazoo's Delta Q....Congratulations to all...and Thank You Cattlemen's (that's what everyone says on stage (:-
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I've been to MiM and had some of Chris' Comp food after he turned it in. It's great, but Mom's pies are better.

He's pretty amazing as a cook and FN just gave him a reality challenge.

He's also been awarded a James Beard award, so Chef's think he's pretty good too.

Not sure I'll watch tonight. Thunder are in Game 7 and after going I might or might not be in a mood to watch.

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