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I don't have a commerical smoker, but am fortunate enough to own a residential cs020. It has been my experience that the cook times are more depentant on the size of the individuale pieces of meat rather than the size of the load.

So if the butts are the same size in both loads than the cook time will be close to the same time. If not figure out per lb the 1st loads and use this time per lb for the smaller loads.

Smokin' would remind a person not to cook off of time. Use temp as a guide to get you to the point where you can check for doneness.
My butts range from an hour to an hour and a half per pound, but as cal said, it is best to cook for as long as it takes to reach the internal meat temp you want.

For pulled pork, I consider it done if the internal meat temp is between 198 to 205 and it tears easily with my tongs.
Originally posted by twinlakes:
... Have been cooking 12-14 boston butts for 12-13 hours. How long should we cook just 6 butts that average 8 lbs.

Normally there wouldn't be much difference, especially in the larger units.

The smoke doesn't know how many you have loaded and all it will try to do is maintain the temp you have set, regardless.

I'd say look for the same time, it could be slightly different, but not enough to matter. In my 150's it didn't matter if it was 2 or 12, typically an hour per pd.

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