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for I have sinned... I cooked this weekend on a Big Green Egg...

I promise I will never do it again.

We are at a vacation home in San Diego and my family wanted some pulled pork... I had a BGE to work with... so I used it. The butts turned out pretty good, cooked pretty evenly, however... I'm sure it's a "practice/experience" thing, but tending a fire etc, can be a real pain, especially when working with a timeline!

Lessons learned:
1)The BGE can make some good Q. Everyone in the family loved it, but my wife and I knew it wasn't anywhere near the best I've made.
2)Don't assume the person before you cleared out the ash... don't ask me how I know...
3)Though I could get temps pretty stable on this thing... I much prefer "dialing it in" on my PG1000 or SM020
4)End product was the driest butt I've cooked, still good, but not as moist as I expect from my cookshacks.
5)Charcoal... probably should have used more.
6)Remember not to take the quality and ease of the CS/FE cookers for granted.
7)Though it was nice the Rental had a BGE, only rent a house with a CS in the future Smiler

Loving this vacation... but missing my cookers at home...

What shall my penance be?

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San Diego is a great place to vacation. A gazillion things to do. Perfect weather. Water.

If you haven't already, get over to Seaport Village, a couple blocks south of downtown on the water. Also, go across the bridge (great view from the top) to Coronado and visit Hotel Del Coronado, majestic. For those old enough to remember, that's where the movie "Some like it hot" with Lemmon, Curtis and Monroe was filmed. There's a room there you can visit that they don't rent out cause it's haunted.

There's also the Gaslamp Quarter, the zoo, Safari Park, and Sea World. Drive up to Mission Bay and do the boardwalk. Hit La Hoya, go down to the beech and watch the sea lions. Oh heck. HERE

Second penance. And yes, you need two. Is to post your favorite recipe. Cool

California. The pinnacle of slow cooking. The Mecca of barbecue. Roll Eyes
Wow... that is some stiff punishment...

Good thing Larry doesn't know yet... don't tell him.

We're staying in Coronado so we've found lots of stuff to do Smiler Padres game (possibly most boring game ever), Legoland for the young'ens... Zoo, Sea World, Beach, to come...

Haven't caught any local BBQ yet... but probably will. And will be disappointed. Don't think I can handle a rib boiler!

Pags - I'll get a recipe out after we get back!

Family is requesting a second cook on the BGE, dunno if I'll be able to bring myself to do it Smiler


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