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Someone that I met told me that I must try the South West Chicken Breast Recipe that is in the Cookshack Recipe book that comes with the smokers.

As I was reading it, I had a question. It says to wrap the stuffed breast in Casing, and to remove the casing before serving.

What is this casing. The only casing that I am familiar with are hog and sheep casings for sausage stuffing. I can't quite picture trying to stuff a stuffed breast into one of those.

Was is meant by casing in this case?
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Maybe someone near their cookbook will chime in soon.

It has been so long since I have seen my cookbook that I can't answer specifically,but a couple of guesses would be.

Microwave bacon slices about 15 seconds and wrap thinly around the breast, to hold the stuffing in.

Another thought is to wet some cheesecloth well in vinegar and wrap to hold it together.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Hello Lonster,

I checked on this recipe for you and you can get the casings from a local butcher, they are like flat sheets of sausage casings that you would wrap the breasts in. But if this is a problem I would also recommend wrapping them in cheesecloth to hold them together, I soak my cheesecloth in a white wine before I wrap poultry.

We are in the process of updating this cookbook and I have relayed the information to Stuart about adding some clarification.
I had the same question about casing and found this thread in the forum. Thanks for the explanation. I noticed that it was posted May 2002. I ordered my CS025 in December 2017 and found the chicken breast recipe in my cookbook that came with it and casing is still a question. Maybe Stuart decided the forum was the best answer.
I have to say that the forum has been extremely helpful from blowing a GFC when trying to season to help with my first brisket and my first stab at loin backs. Very thankful for all the wisdom shared.

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