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I recently bought a CS 08 and my wife would like me to try cooking a flank steak recipe I found in the CS cookbook. The temp calls for cooking the steak at 300 and as you know the CS 08 doesn't go that high. Is the best way to just to extend the time or finish it off in the oven? Thanks in advance for help.
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Not to disagree with the CS post (I do) but if you cook a thin flank steak at 300 for 3 hours it will be overcooked. It doe mention an internal temp of 150. 150? You might as well cook showleather. That's well done and flanke steak is awful at 150.

Sorry, see why I'm just a volunteer moderator, I have to disagree with CS at times Wink

If you want to smoke a steak (I don't) then just go with the max temp. Keep in mind a lower temp actually is better.

If it was me?

Smoke it at 200 for an hour or two and finish on a grill to an internal temp of Med Rare or 125/130.
I smoke almost all my steaks now. I put them in the smoker at 225 until they reach about 90 -100 internal temp. Then on the hotest grill you can get. Let it flame and be strong don't give in. 2 min rotate 2 min turn 2 min rotate and 2 min. I'm shooting for about 135 internal temp.(meduim rare)I love the great crust and the smokey flavor. I think you like it too.

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