When CS says that they have a 90 day parts and labor warranty, do they have someone come out to your residence and fix the smoker or do they expect you to send the smoker in for service?
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I'm not sure about the Amerique. I suspect if something is wrong they may offer a suggestion on an easy fix or probably replace it.

On the Elite, it comes with the electronics separated in shipping, and we attach it (couple wires and 4 screws). So it would be simple to send replacement electronics for us to install.

What should make you happy is Cookshack will make it right. Give em a buz Monday.
It depends. I don't know of them ever sending someone. Some local dealers might send someone, but that's up to them.

It really depends on what the issue is, so you have to call them and discuss it with them direct.

If you read through the forums, you'll see they have exceptional customer service and they'll take care of you.

That's another reason why they like people to call them direct with issues as they don't monitor the forums (and I don't work for them, I'm just a moderator)
No I understand that, I was just wondering how they provided the "labor" under their 90 day warranty. It seems from what I've read they send the part and have the purchaser fix their own smoker.
Most anything is removing four machine screws and two to four, holding on a part.

A tech will sit with you on their phone,until it works perfect.

Not really worth the time of a round trip to do a couple simple screws.

If need be,they send the new one,and the truck takes the problem one back.

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