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Yup, busy day then headed to Ponca for the class this afternoon. Maybe I can learn something about how to compete so I can beat those other Okie's.

Well, do a search, type in "ham" and put "5" in for the member # and that way you'll find Ham posts that I've responded to.

Quick look found one, but not a lot of details:

Easter Holiday Ham

Did one for Christmas that brined for 4 hours to get a little extra moisture and it worked great.
You can email Donna,but I'd bet it is the hams that I describe.

The standard curing process for grocery store hams is to pump with brine and bring up to 150� internal to kill bugs.

They then chill and cryovac.

You are still required to cook them,before eating.

Seems to me they like you to bring them up to about 148� internal.

At least that is how we do them,and we do several a year.

Hope this helps a little.

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