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Made some deer bacon.
Mixed and ground together 5 lb venison and 5 lb pork butt. Mixed in a package of venison bacon seasoning/cure from Walton's Inc.( Formed the meat mixture into 2 pans (5 # each) with saran wrap under the meat. Meat is about 2 inches thick. Placed in fridge overnight to set.

Removed from fridge and pans onto smoker grates in Amerique. The saran wrap makes it easier to remove from the pans.

Used hickory in smoker. Set temp for 130 degrees. ran for 2 hours. Increased temp to 150 degrees for 2 hours. Increased temp to 170 degrees for 2 hours until IT reached 150 degrees.

Removed the meat from smoker and allowed to cool on counter. Then covered in saran wrap and placed in fridge overnight.

Removed from fridge and sliced. Use a meat slicer for best results and the thinner the better.

For cooking, this "bacon" is still very lean. So I actually have to add a little olive oil when cooking. I sprinkle on some black pepper and granulated garlic when cooking. Crisp it up and serve.

Results: Pretty darn good. It is better than I expected. No, its not as good as real bacon but it is a lean alternative and tastes very good. I will definitely make it again.

Pic is of meat mixture in pan.


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