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What do you want to do with it?

Would probably be best cut up in jerky.

It is too lean to really be called a ham. What you have is a lean roast.

If you want to cook it whole, you gotta get some fat on it or in it to keep it from drying out. You can inject fat or lard. You can lay lots of cheap fatty bacon all over it. You can use a big fat cap off a whole pork shoulder or whole packer brisket to lay on it.

Venison is best medium rare. Low and slow is not good for lean meat. Turn the smoker up. You might take it to 130-140* and wrap in double HD foil to rest before slicing.

Venison is good with spicy rub and oak smoke.

Good luck.

I was going to make pastrami, but the jerky turned out so good that I am afraid the ham is going to be jerky. I used the soy sauce marinade with cure in it. I cut the pieces 3/16 in. thick, and smoked till 140* F. Temp was 225*, Hickory chips, 1oz? I guess. Yum! Kippered I guess. Bendable. Best jerky I have ever had. Can't wait to get enough money for the Amerique! Jamey

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