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I think it is a flavor issue but it may also be that I tried to cut the jerky too thin for the dehydrator. It would always come out too dry and hard. I think cutting the jerky thicker and adding a cure (which I never did before) would yield pretty good jerky from the dehydrator but still, that smoke flavor would be missing.
What no liquid smoke? Big Grin Sorry, couldn't resist.

I've only dried my jerky in my smoker, but whenever it's become dry and hard, it's been overcooked and/or dried too long. Guess that can happen in any smoker/oven/dehydrator if we let it get away from us. I'm smoking the jerky in the 180-190* range now and watching it closer.
I have a Cabelas unit and love it, it is only the 80 liter, but I can put 20 - 23 pound of meat in it at a time and about 7 hours depending on thickness and moisture have excellent jerky.

I use the Cabelas as well as other jerky seasoning kits sometimes mixing them for different flavors, I will marinade my cut meat for 4-5 days have gone as long as 7 with mixing it once or twice a day.

If you do a lot I would buy the larger unit. I wish I had bought the bigger one, but I will go through times when I don't make anything at all and then I have people wanting jerky and do 20-30 pounds of meat every weekend.

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