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These fast food barbecue restaurants are opening all over here in MPLS area, so I always try anything related to barbecue, just to compare to my own smoking. I heard a quote from a new fanchisee that once he tried the food he had to by a franchise. I tried it, and was not impressed at all. In fact, I would not go back there again. I heard Dickey's is big down in texas, and you would think the barbecue from texas would be good, even though it's fast food.
I would just like to get others opinions about this place.
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My 1st experience at Dickey's was 10 years ago during a layover at DFW (Dallas airport) Think it was a chopped beef on a bun...nothing memorable.

2nd time around was 2 years in the Dallas metroplex. Tried the brisket. Marginal at best. It tasted like reheated,tasteless brisket with a hint of Liquid Smoke. My friend and I ate about two bites and headed to WHATTABURGER Smiler
Part of the reason for my buying a Cookshack was I was tired of mediocre BBQ- Dickey's is mediocre at best. Not a lot of taste, not a lot of smoke. Smells good when you walk in the joint, but disappointing for food. Haven't found many chains that serve great BBQ, although, I have to admit I do like Famous Daves. It's a fair drive from where I live so don't go there much- another reason for the Cookshack.
With a Cookshack, you would be doing something wrong if your product was not better than any commercial restaurant. If a restaurant is using Cookshack cookers, they may have a great product;yet, at home YOU get to decide when to start the cooking and also when you want to time it with your consumption. One can't beat that.

PS Let's all support Cookshack and this great small company who has enriched our lives.
Originally posted by Que'n RN:
I have to admit I do like Famous Daves. It's a fair drive from where I live so don't go there much- another reason for the Cookshack.

My one visit to Famous Dave's resulted in a 3 meat sampler plate. The brisket, ribs and PP were reasonable good tho the brisket was sliced with the grain Frowner

Best chain Que I've tried was Smokey out of business. Go figure.

Smokey Bones is not out of business. They still have three locations I believe in the Tampa Bay area. But they did cut back greatly on their locations. They were once part of the Darden Restaurant Group(Red Lobster). I believe the still existing locations were bought out by a couple of ex-execs from Outback Steakhouse. They do a very good job with their que in my opinion also.
Living here in the Dallas area where Dickeys began, we have them everywhere. I agree, I'm not sure how they stay in business. I suppose we have soooooooo many transplants who have moved in, they keep it alive. I will have to give them a thumbs up on sauce. As chains go, I am very impressed with Rudys. They are expanding here, just not fast enough.

BBQ in TX is a strange thing. It's one thing here in Dallas. Start driving down I-35 and the further south you go the more it changes. Get around Lockhart, Llano, your talking good Q
Well Max.when you visit Famous Dave's ask to step in the kitchen and look at the couple Cookshacks.The brisket had always been delivered cooked from a commissary,much like the ones from Sam's-but sliced thicker.

Like Ribdog says,SmokeyBones made an effort and had a fine cookteam, we used to cook against.Budget cutbacks cut their touring and put them back into restaurant operations.

Individual operations used to have trouble staffing/serving but the product was overseen by the Exec chef from the cookteam.

They also brought pulled pork and cold beer to FL ,which forced all the Sonny's and some Woody's to follow suit.Pork used to be butts,or loins cooked to 170º and sliced thickly-fat and all.They also brought brisket,which forced the chains to stop cooking bottom round and running it thru the slicer as "beef".

It is a shame the Olive Garden/Red Lobster owners didn't continue to back the expansion.
I was drawn into the Dickey's at DFW just a few weeks ago. I ordered a brisket sandwich and was disappointed that it was chopped. Very little smoke flavor and much more fat than I would serve to anyone (though that is a personal preference). I have had decent ribs at Smokey Bones, but there rub is sweeter and saltier than I like and it takes a pretty serious coupon for me to eat someone else's ribs. They probably have the best brisket in town, but that is saying very little.

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