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Howdy folks. I've asked a number of questions here and in other sections of the board, and a number of them were asked because I don't really have a good sense of what the FEC100 looks like inside. Photos on the commercial portion of the site just aren't that illuminating.

Accordingly, I'd really appreciate it if some folks could post some close ups of the FEC100, especially the inside.

Before buying, I'm trying to satisfy my own curiousity and concerns. For example, I wonder about the fan. Will there be fly ash on my product? Also, from the limited photos I've seen I don't really "get" where the grease ramp is supposed to offload to, what the pellet "ramp" looks like, or even the firepot.

Bottom line is that I've searched web exhaustively with little success, and I could use a better understanding of what the FEC100 looks like inside. Any help you can provide would be welcomed.
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You won't see the fan in pix,as it is about the size of a silver dollar and over in the controller box.

It will have nothing to do with fly ash,which you won't get anyway.

The grease ramp runs at a slight angle[left to right] ,over the firebox,and below the bottom shelf.

It drains into a channel along the right side,and down into the general drip pan.

The firebox is about the size of a very small shoebox,out the leftside,center,on the floor of the cooker.

The hole in the firebox is about like a coffee cup radius,could hold up to a pint,with an igniter at the bottom.

The short,enclosed auger,drops pellets onto a few inch long slide into the firebox chamber.

Smokin' is at a cookoff,and he'll probably have a few pix,he can link you to.

Hope this helps a little.

Scott, that is indeed exactly the photo I've been looking for. Very much appreciated. Really helps me to get a much better sense of the interior layout.

Thanks to everyone else, as well. Between the description and the extra photos, I definitely "get it," now.

Query: How do you clean out the "grease downspout."
All three will do a good job, but the FE just does it easy. I have two FEs and have been cooking on them since they came out (I had no. 2) and I have never had a fire. I do keep them clean and I run them at 375 at every comp. for chicken.
Buy one and be happy. If I can be of any help contact me through our web site.

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