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So, the missus is not a fan of Ham for dinner, so I'll be doing a Prime Rib for Sunday Dinner. The last one I smoked for NYE was amazing (if I may say so). Our local Publix had a sale on standing rib roast at $6.99/lb, which is really amazing with the prices we've been seeing lately for just about anything that resembles meat. I bought two 7.5# each, one I'll save for a rainy day. They are trimmed with the bone carved and tied on.

So the big question is will I do 1) another pre-smoke in the CS then reverse sear in the oven, or 2) just go for a slow roast with reverse sear oven only, or 3) do a rotisserie on the gas grill? Decisions, decisions. I'll have to get input from the better half.

For sure the standard oven roasted is amazing, as the other two option as well.


Pipe in if you care to.

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I'll be doing a double-smoked ham. Normally I wouldn't pay much attention to a watered commercial ham, but the local Shoprite gives them away twice a year after spending a certain amount leading up to Christmas and Easter. It's sort of a Alton Brown recipe from one of his shows years ago. Score the fat (on a shank-half ham not spiral cut), place on a rack in a foil pan and smoke to an IT of about 130F. Then remove from smoker, and slather with yellow mustard (removing skin where necessary ). Then rub with brown sugar, spritz with bourbon, and coat with crushed spice cookies or ginger snaps (yeah, it's a bit sweet). Then onto the gas grill on about 350 F indirect (or in oven) until IT of 140 - 150 F. We really like the boosted smoke flavor, the sweetness and the tenderness. And it makes great sandwiches too. The bone makes great bean soup.

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I prepped the roast yesterday afternoon. Inserted some slivers of "Elephant" garlic slices, dribbled with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, poured a bit of L&P Worcester, and added a few laurel leaves, wrapped in saran and in the fridge. Wife said she wanted it oven roasted so no smoke for this one this time.

I'll do a low and slow bake at 250 for a few hours, then crank it up on convection broil to get that charred outside, looking for a solid Medium-Rare, maybe 126-130 F. I'll post a photo.

Sometimes smoke is a bit too much for somethings. (I'll probably get banned from this forum for this!) But the next one will be smoked!

Happy Easter all!

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Flyingman - sounds like you settled on the option I would have suggested.  My wife is not a fan of too much smoke, so I am doing ours with just a hint of Oak and Apple wood. 

I picked ours up for $5.88 lb, choice grade, at our local chain market. 

I lagged a bit this morning and didn't get it in the smoker until about 8:30am....which only gives me a little over 6 hours before guests arrive, so I put it in at 275 to get it started and will bump it down in temp after the first couple of hours.  I usually put it in a few hours earlier, get it to rare temp internally, then open the door for awhile to dump the heat and reset temp to 140 and let it rest like that for 2-3 hours - but not today!  Hoping it comes out ok.   Smaller crowd this year, so will probably be slicing thin for sandwiches.

Post pics when yours is done!

Wow, I did about 3 hours at 250F to reach 118F internal then cranked it up to 500F Convection Broil, then Bake, for about 12 minutes. It was awesome. Perfect Medium Rare, excellent crust, juicy, tender, etc.... One of my better ones for sure. Having a good piece of meat to begin with is of course critical.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!



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@jay1924 posted:

Flyingman, Absolutely beautiful piece of beef. I can't believe the uniformity of doneness with the char. Well done!

Jay, my main oven has Convection Broil, and that really cranks it up and will quickly put a burnt crust on anything close enough. I guess now days that is the same as an "Air Fryer"? I have that in my little Breville toaster oven. Works like a charm without heating up the entire house.

I hit a couple of sales and scored 3 cooks hams (1 shank and 2 butts) for $1.99 a pound.  Then I picked up 2 rib roasts at $5.99 a pound.  These were on the lower end of Choice grade but still didn't look too bad.  I did the hams for Easter.  I got in a hurry and didn't score the fat cap.  I smoked them with hickory and cherry in the 066 at 225 degrees.  When the IT hit 125 degrees I glazed them cherry jalapeno jam and put them back in the smoker to set the glaze and pulled them out of the smoker at 135 degrees IT.  The shank portion went to an Easter brunch and the other 2 I cut up and vacuum packed for later consumption.  I used Jay's Casa seasoning on the rib roasts along with some fresh rosemary and thyme.  The next day I put them in the smoker with hickory and cherry wood I set the smoker temp at 225 and took them to 125 degrees IT.  I pulled them and let them rest for 20 minutes while the PG 1000 was coming heating up to 400 degrees.  I put them un the indirect side and let them go until they hit 135 degrees IT.  I messed up and forgot about the carry over cook.  They both ended up on the medium side of medium rare.  Sorry I didn't get any pictures.  I can tell you that my wife said she liked the "old seasoning I used on the roasts instead of the Casa".  The old seasoning was smoked coarse sea salt, course black pepper, granulated garlic and granulated onion.  The smoke on the roasts turns out on the mild side.  I do wish there was a way to set up a rotisserie on the PG 1000.

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