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Well, we haven't visited the topic of Books in a while and the forum seems to be rather slow, so I thought I'd throw a topic out there for discussion.

So, I get lots of questions like...

"Hey....Smokin...which book should I buy?"

Help me out with this. What do you think?

Check out this link from 2001:
Favorite BBQ Books

This is a big list I created of Q books (all of which I do own), but not all of the books out there.

What would you recommend for the following:

  • Best all-around Smoking Information

  • Best Beef/Brisket book

  • Best Poultry (chicken/turkey)

  • Best Pork (ribs, butt, etc)

  • Best Specialty (jerky or sausage or fish)

  • Other

I've got my ideas, just want to see what you all thing of the books you have.

Just Smokin'
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I have a good size collection of Cookbooks but just a couple include instructions & recipes for BBQ. Fortunately they are excellent books.
1. Smoke & Spice (Jamison-n-Jamison)
2. The Best Recipe...Grilling & Barbecuing.....(Christopher Kimball and America's Test Kitchen)

I told myself that I would try all the recipes in those two books before I went out and bought anymore BBQ books.....but, I love those recipes so much that I just dont feel the need to buy anymore.

Besides....I've got you guys also.....ha ha

You're no fun, only 2 Q books? Hey, my list is over 85 and I'm happy to do 3 recipes our of each... Frowner

Which version of Smoke & Spice? They're reissuing it this month:

in the new release...the Jamisons have added an extra 100 recipes as well as 20 new recipe variations.

So, too bad, but you've got more recipes to do.

Wow... what a list! I've have over 200 cookbooks and I see I need a few more now. Confused One book I have, love and cherrish id "Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread, & Scuppernong Wine" by Joseph E Dabney.
It's A cookbook that covers with story and pictures the folklore and art of southern appalachian cooking. From opposum, bear, river rat, to's all covered with great pictures and personal stories of down home cooking and smoking. It's a must for BBQ'er to see how far we've come, yet how little we have advanced. Exception....COOKSHACK and electricity. Take care all from Naples, Fl. ... soon moving to Tenn. I hope. Big Grin
I Like "Celebrating BBQ". It basically focuses on the Carolina Styles of BBQ, with a little extra thrown in for good measure.

I Like Paul Kirk's too.

But my favorite --- which I don't know the title off the top of my head --- is this great little hardback book on "Q" .... Caribbean Style. Meats, Sides, and Appetizers, as well as Cold Drinks.... gooood stufffff!!!
Well, now I have found my LEAST favorite book on "Q". It is called Rib Stars. Wriiten by a guy who graduated from the CIA, won a bunch of medals and contests in 1981 and 1982, but not much at all since.... Calls himself the "Sultan of Smoke".... Guess I should have known better!!!

Book is filled with a TREMENDOUS amount of grammatcial and spelling errors. It also has recipes that don't fully explain themselves. And, it reaaly irks me that many of the recipes use Pick-a- Peppa sauce without specifying whether to use the brown ( more common ) sauce, or the red ( better tasting IMO ) sauce. But they are TOTALLY different flavors, hardly interchangeable.

Stay AWAY.... Just bought this off and it came yesterday. Stinks like a pork butt left out in the sun for a couple of days.

HI, New to this forum.

I have a bunch of the books in your list,. here are a couple I sorta like.

Barbecue America, a pilgrimage in search of Americas best Barbecue - lots of good recipes,

Famous Daves, Backroads and sidestreets.

Lots of good recipes in here too.

BUT, even though there are lots of good recipes, like almost any recipe, it is only a suggestion. (unless your baking) I use recipes as a guide more for technique, than for taste. Taste is a persional thing. For instance, Most recipes from the south have a lot of sugar in them, I prefer not so sweet, so I cut back on the sugar or honey. Same is true for Beans and coleslaw. NOt so sweet for me. Here is also where you can experiment with your own personal 'secret' ingredient. So, I might find a recipe that Looks lke I like it and then I will probably change something when making it. I'll probably change something different the next time. Have fun and don't forget to experiment!


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