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I've experienced the FEC 120 being an incredibly efficient oven and when using cook time/heat suggestions from BBQ books, the product is often overdone. Even ribs, I've had to go off the path for a proper result.

Was hoping those with a FEC 120 can share some tips on cooking a brisket....only FEC 120 please.
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I'm no expert,but have had a chance to cook with a few.Early on,Smokin'Okie and several others suggested that many bbq cookbooks were best used to put under the legs of the cooker to stay balanced and not let the hot grease to pool on ya.Grease fires is a mess to clean up and them door gaskets sure do stink after a grease fire.

Just a thought.
Originally posted by Pags:
Convection ovens cook faster than regular ovens by about 25%, so I'd suspect the 120 smokes faster than a regular smoker due to the same convection. Like Smokin says, estimate times (adjusting for convection), then test for doneness.

Your a wise man Pags! I bet there is less moisture loss also.

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