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It's only taken about 6 months for me to start to understand the meaning of texture on a PB, but this learning is far from done.I need some thoughts from everyone on the correct finished texture of a PB,please!

What has me thinking about this is the PB that I did this weekend. I have always started low at the start of the smoke, in my cs020, then turn up to 235* towards the end. This weekend I did one all the way on 235* and cooked to internal temp of 196*.

This one came out a lot dryer,maybe overdone, It had a firmer bark but not mushy like overcooked has been in the past.

My question is if I had cooked to a lower internal temp would the texture have changed or just been juicer. I did let this one rest a little longer(3hrs) then what I normally do.

I liked the texture, but thought it was a little on the dry side.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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When it comes to pork butts...there's a lot of variables. Number one depends on the quality of the meat itself...they tend to vary from packer to packer and even from butt to butt from the same packer. I've had the best luck with I.B.P. bone-in butts in the 7#-8# weight range.

Here's my approach: 8 hrs prior to smoking I'll inject them with either Butcher Pork Injection or Chris Lilly's pork injection. Let them rest an hour and then apply rub...wrap and let sit overnight (assuming a start-up cook time the next morning)

Wood of choice (I prefer Hickory) and in they go at 225. Mopping is up to you but I don't. I'll set a probe into the center - away from the blade bone and set temp for 190. Once that temp is attained, I'll look for doneness...two ways: 1. How loose is the blade bone. 2. How easily will a skewer penetrate the center of the butt. When the blade bone starts to extrude away from the butt, the meat is usually ready. I'll double check with a skewer...easy in and's done.

Next, pull and foil...let it rest at least half an hour. Next, remove foil (save juices) and pull it apart into the major muscle configurations. Once cool enough to pull, I go to work. The long muscles will get cut cut down as to provide me no longer than 2" pieces.

Here's the trick IMHO...once the butt's pulled, unless you're planning to serve it immediately, it will dry out. I like to add a finishing sauce to the meat. SmokinOkie has a great recipe here SmokinO's finishing sauce

Hope this helps.

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