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Ex stick burner really loving my AmeriQue, making great family BBQ along with more family time. With my stick burner I used a cookie sheet after ribs took enough smoke and finished on a cookie sheet covered with Al foil. I like the cookie sheet for it prevented getting a hole in the Al foil causing juice loss and easier to check for being done. Any concerns using this cookie sheet approach?

Prime Rib next meat up for our SM066.
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Originally posted by Bacchus2b:
I had an AmeriQue for seven years and never once foiled ribs. The smoker cooks very moist, are you not happy with your results?

I cooked at 250 degrees until bend-test tender (usually 4 1/2 to 5/12 hours) and glazed with sauce in the last thirty minutes of cooking.

I am typically using my same techniques from my stick burner so after 3hours I add apple juice, darn brown sugar, Parkay butter, homemade honey and a little rub wrapped in foil to finish them. Typically a 6hour 225F smoke. Very pleased with the results but like to get away from foil if possible.

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