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We catered a party today, they requested Pastrami. I ordered in a Corned Beef from a vendor, dang thing was 19 lbs. Rinsed for an hour, rubbed with Cracked Pepper and Coriander Seeds, hint of garlic powder. Smoked at 225 using Hickory till internal temp was 165. Cooled for a few days, machined sliced. Got rave reviews. Will feature as a special every so often. The young kid wearing the chef coat is NOT our chef. He quit on a Friday morning, no notice........ We are doing ok with out him.


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That sounds fantastic. Well done you for going out on a limb and trying something for the first time at an event. Slow, respectful clapping for you sir.
I'm assuming that Pastrami is similar to what we in Canada just call Smoked Meat. Which is really too general a term to use but hey, that's what we call it. Up here it's probably a little different but I don't know much about it. Served in delis on rye with a pickle. All I know is the sandwiches are awesome and the recipes are a closely guarded family secret.

Glad everything turned out well.
Never been blessed with a steamer but could see how it would be handy. It's real easy to make it head South at the last min. I had a brilliant idea to heat up some pastrami slices in beef broth one day..wrongo. Turned it into shoe leather right quick. Bumping it lightly in a closed container in the microwave for a short time is the best strategy I have found minus a steamer.

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