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Hi everyone, I'm week one into my SM008 ownership so took a day off  work and tackled a brisket.brisket flatI bought a 12 pound packer but due to smoker size decided to separate the flat and point and just cook the flat today.  After a few youtube videos I decently butchered the brisket last night and set out on my brisket flat smoke today.  

This morning I applied a basic bbq rub, mostly course salt and pepper with garlic powder and paprika.  I got the smoker going at 250 with a decent size piece of apple wood.  The brisket went in at 8:20 at 48 degrees.  I was surprised at how quickly the temp climbed, by 9:00 it was at 100, 9:20 it was at 134 and by 10:30 it was at 173!  I was wondering what was going on so I freaked a bit, opened the smoker and checked a few spots and dropped the smoker back to 230.  Where did the  stall go???

Well as it turns out I had just hit it because by 11:45 it was sitting at 163.  Time for a foil wrap!  I gave it a double heavy duty foil wrap and at 12:45 with about 1/2 cup of beef broth it was holding steady at 163.  Then all of a sudden at 1:00 it started creeping up again to 175 by 1:15 and 185 by 1:45 then by 2:15 it was at 195 and out it came.  I let it rest until 4 and then I opened it up. 

brisket cookedI wish I had left it about a half hour more, it was good but not quite tender enough, I was a bit disappointed.  The taste was great but it needed a bit more flex and tenderness.  I cut a notch before I put it in the smoker so I was right across the grain with my cuts but it just needed a bit longer argh!  Also, there wasn't much of a fat cap and I would have liked a bit more fat, but that's the way it came in the pack. 

I think it was a good first brisket but man of man if I had just left it a but longer!  I should have done more tenderness toothpick testing like I saw in some posts here.  Next time I tackle the point.... My son got fancy and made brisket poutine.  

Thanks everyone for the tips to get me this far.brisket poutine


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