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Couldn't pass up the deal so I bought it.  Did 8 butts, around 7 pound average in 4 inch deep pans at 250 degrees. No wrap and it took almost 16 hours to get internal temp of 202.  Suspect the pans is why it took longer.  Been smoking for years and have another commercial smoker but a rotisserie.  Realize electric is slower.  Bark is nice and it really rendered the fat out, no juice in the pans to start.  Is this a normal time?  Did kick up temp to 300 for last half hour to get temp.  Should've added more wood tho.  Very light smoke flavor but I didn't want to over dIMG_20200227_021525341o it!  Thanks.


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I understand the desire to use pans if you're cooking a lot of butts, but I have done two or three on the racks just letting the grease system do it's thing (with foil on the burner cover, bottom, and catch pan) and the bark is good all around and you don't have to worry about fat accumulation or fire, but cleanup is a bit worse. But I'm just a home cook.

My rule (learned here) is meat doesn't take any more smoke after it reaches 140F, so more wood to me means more bitter outer bark.

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