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I don't know whether it would improve the bark any but I have a specific cooking process when I cook butts. I start with the FEC 100 at 140 for the first two hours of cooking, then 180 for the next two hours, and then 235 for the remainder of the time. This seems to work well for me.

Remember, keep notes in a log as you try out different methods.
Interesting question. The FEC maintains higher moisture due to the door gaskets. Four butts (vs one) will add even more moisture.

When you say you want more bark, are you referring to crispier crust? Perhaps adding more rub during the final hour of smoking, and kicking the heat up during the final hour might crisp up the Mr Brown.
bark is basically dried/smoked meat exterior. Are you doing everything exactly the same (same amount of rub)?

Try two things.

Add more rub.

Dump some humidity. Open the door (on large cooks) and let some of the humidity evacuate).

It will create all the bark you want, you just need to adjust your methods a little for this cooker.

Traegers are notoriously dry (in how the cook) because of the lack of insulation. Not a bad thing, that's just their design.

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