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I stopped this morning and picked up a nice Tri-Tip that was due to be pulled in a couple of days for $3.99 a pound and a nice rack of cryopacked baby backs. I'm learning and experimenting right now so I have no idea if what I'm smoking is going to come out good or not. Smiler

Marinated and injected Tri-Tip in FoodSaver bag. I used Red Wine Vinegar, Worster sauce, fresh ground pepper, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, and a little bit of brown sugar. Let it marinade for about six hours in the fridge:

Pag's style Santa Maria Tri-Tip rub followed exactly:

Ribs rubbed with Cookshack Rib rub and a little bit of raw sugar ready to go on the smoker:

Ribs off at the 3 hour mark to be foiled with butter, honey, cayenne, apple juice, and a tablespoon or so of Cookshack mild sauce:

Corn with butter, seasoned salt, and a bit of rub - Tri-Tip, and the foiled ribs back in the cooker:

Smoked burger, grilled onions with butter and pepper, white corn with butter, and smoked bacon for dinner last night:

Back in a bit. I invited of my parents for dinner to test out my first attempts at smoking on the PG1000. It smells good so far, but we'll see after I sear the Tri-Tip and taste these ribs. I've never cooked ribs before because I'm not really a rib fan. However I figured I had to try and who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with them.
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Thanks guys. It was a busy but fun day. I know some of my neighbors had to have been jealous because it smelled phenomenal in the backyard today.

The Tri-Tip came out really good. Next time I'll brine it and spend more time injecting it. I didn't have a ton of time today as I was originally planning on using today to prep and cooking tomorrow, but I ended up having to cook today. For rushing it I was still very happy with the results.

I put the Tri-Tip on the direct side when it hit 115 in a few spots. I brought the cooker temp up to 450 degrees and applied some Teriyaki marinade with a silicone brush so that the sugars would caramelize a bit. I pulled it when I got interior readings with my Thermapen around 130 degrees. I let it rest for about 20 minutes before slicing. I didn't get pictures but it was pink but not red and VERY juicy.

The ribs were good but had a little too much heat. I got a little carried away with the cayenne in the glaze glaze. With that said we did quite a number on the rack of ribs and the tri-tip.

The ribs were a tad dry as well. My cooker was jumping all over the place with the temps so I made some adjustments to the controller mid-cook which helped. I may need to close the stack down a bit to help hold in a bit more heat to keep the temps more steady. I also had the fire go out right at the start of my cook but I dialed back the temp down to like 180 and it came back to life on it's own. After that I cranked it back up and everything was fine.

All told - ribs were a solid good but not great. I know I can do better but for the first ribs I've cooked I've certainly had MUCH MUCH MUCH worse.

The yellow corn that I bought was like candy. Butter, seasoned salt, and some rub. I cooked them for about an hour on the upper shelf moving them between zone 2 and zone 3. That was the best corn I've ever had in my life. So much better than the white ears I was cooking earlier in the week.

All told the parents were happy and I sent them home with a to-go box. I have enough Tri-Tip to last me for a couple days of sandwich making so I think I can give the PG a rest for a couple of days. I love this cooker and once I get the hang of things I expect some really great results.

Sliced Tri-Tip - last night the juices were over flowing my cutting board:

Tri-Tip Sandwich for breakfast with a little mayo, spicy mayo, medium cheddar cheese, Heinz 57 Sauce, on a toasted sweet roll:

The Tri-Tip tastes fantastic today. I cut some slices, dredged them through the drippings, and laid them flat on aluminum foil. I sealed up tightly and put it in my small convection oven for about 8 minutes or so at 220 to warm the Tri-Tip. Yum!

I can really pick up on the smokiness today versus yesterday when I spent most of the day cooking around the smoke. I have to say that this is the best Tri-Tip I've ever had. I'm going to cry when I cut the last slice. haha.

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