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Just got done eating some of the best pulled Pork I've had in along time. I wanted to do my first smoke with out asking any questions and I think I pulled it off. I did a ton of reading on the forum and reviewed Smokin's Pork Butt 101 several times. Thanks Smokin.. I made some of Smokins serving suace and it was excellent. I also mixed the serving sauce 50/50 with Cookshacks mild bbq suace. This was by far the best sauce I've ever had it reminded me of a local joint here called Honey Bears but even better.
Smokin-- I just have one question on the sauce recipe. Should the garlic cloves be thrown in whole or minced and added?
This was a tuff decision throwing down that much cash for a product I couldn't even see or touch but oh man am I glad I did. If anyone in Arizona is on the fence about getting a cookshack I would be more than happy to let you come over and check out mine if it would help.

Thanks again Smokin and all others who helped me to come to one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

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Good job!!!

It's nice to know that Smokin's 101's still have a little knowledge and can turn out some fine eating the very first time. The reading, cooking will sort out all the questions that we, Newbies, tend to think of or over think of.

Yep, it is a some of money to spend on a smoker that will last a lifetime. Just to think that we missed out on tending fire all night, mopping every hour, worrying that our PB will dry out.

This can't be BBQ? Too easy, something is wrong? Dang my first smoke, and the wife, neighbors think I'm a genuis, guru, smoke master.

Why did I wait so long on a Cookshack is what a person thinks after the first PB and I can't wait for the next smoke!

It is starting to make me a little more lazy, so I go to Sam's and buy a big jug of minced garlic. Just got to look at the meat coolers, oh well.

Planning a trip to drive through Arizona from Tucson to Vegas in July, guess I will just have to open the car window and smell for smoke.

Pulled pork is always the easiest, foolproof crowd-pleaser, because most people have no idea where it comes from, and you can't screw it up with a cookshack. Good rule of thumb is six pound butt yields twelve healthy self-serve sandwiches (five ounces or better.) Best way to cut down on waste is to serve party buns or hot dog buns, less meat per trip.

Since you are in the southwest, you need to be exploring stuffed peppers. Anything green, jalapenos, poblanos, need to be cored, filled, and smoked. There are trays built to help with this, but you need to go there regardless.

Smoke a pork butt, pull it and stuff a little bit into a jalapeno topped with cream cheese, wrap bacon around that with a toothpick and smoke it for an hour. Never stop thinking about what can go in that smoker next.

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