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IHaving had some confidence built with single PB on my Amerique, I am taking the plunge with three butts for a family event at Noon tomorrow. Single PB about 9 lbs have taken 16-18 hours.
The three PB's are 7lb12oz, 8lb, 6oz, and 9lb.4oz. I have two additional probes. I need to be close to my target serve time, after PB is rested.
Should I just plan on the same time?
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Use your normal timing, put the largest one on the lowest rack near the heat.

Put the probes in the smallest two as they "might" be done first (sometimes, multiple butts, different weights still finish pretty close)

Wrap and hold in an ice chest the FTC (Foil/Temp/Cool) method we mention frequently and they'll hold for 4 to 8 hours (depending on cooler)
bubba, maybe that works for you, but in 10 years of the forum, I'd say easily 90+% of the people would say that's oversmoked.

I'll never suggest 10oz of wood in an AQ, but if it works for you, that's why it's perfect. It gives you what you want for flavor profile.

I caution about TOO much wood the first time you try something of a change for amounts of wood. I've seen many a post of people coming back and saying they ruined it by adding too much.

My recommendation stands, keep it lower and maybe add a little, but never go wild.

Test it. Taste it and you'll know if it's enough to too much that you added. You can always add more next time.

We also didn't discuss the age or size of the wood or the type of wood. All those have a factor with amount and type of smoke.
Sorry aboput taking so long for results.
Family doings including a nephew getting married this weekend.

Used 4.2oz of hickory/pecan. Put two smaller ones on top shelh overhanging the one that weighed the most.

Started at 200 for 6 hours, then 225. Removed all three at 190 within 20 minutes of each other - 17 hours later.

Foiled, toweled, coolered. Taste to me was smokier than I would have like, however the wife and my friend for whom I was making the PB's just loved it.

Interestingly, all the butts had a very hard and very dark in color , bark. I initially thought I had overcooked. By the way, all PB's were placed fat side down for the entire cooking time.

Compared with my other PB smokes, this one was not as moist as others. It is what it is, and unless someone has an idea, will chalk it up to the quality of the meat.

SmokinOkie: thx for your comments!!

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