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I really like Jeff's rub recipe. The spice is just right and the bark is good. But I'm finding the flavor is not penetrating into the meat of my baby back ribs. I follow his basic instructions to a T. Remove membrane, use yellow mustard, coat both sides with rub, let it sit, wrap in plastic and sit in fridge overnight. Using an electric Masterbuilt, I soak hickory and mesquite wood chips and keep the smoke going for several hours. The ribs usually go 6 hours there at 230 degrees without interruption, then I foil them and put them in just a warm oven for another hour or 2, then eat. Again, the bark and exterior taste great, but he rib meat is bland and just doesn't have any real flavor. What am I missing? Thanks.


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If you mean the flavor of the mustard and rub is not penetrating, I don't think that's unusual. For comparison, I remove the membrane, let the rack come to room temp, and apply rub about half an hour before placing in my SM066. The ribs come out really tasty. I guess each bite includes some bark and some meat, so it's all good.

have you tried spare ribs ILO baby backs?

i agree with jay though, the rub doesn't necessarily flavor the meat, just creates the flavorful bark.  the meat should stand on its own flavorwise other than the smoke that penetrates it.

my method is ALWAYS remove the membrane, season just before putting on smoker (usually very simple seasoning often just salt & pepper), follow the 3-2-1 method but usually with butcher paper not foil.  I like to put some honey and brown sugar in during the wrap.  I guess I would say that the honey flavors the meat more than anything.

smoked some spare ribs yesterday with some stuffed okra and stuffed peppers, dang it was all fantastic!

did a super sweet rub, so ended up with a nice crunchy caramelized bark.  ribs were super meaty and had minimal fat so weren't too greasy.  pretty good smoke ring, but i would have liked it to be more pronounced.  I kind of wonder if the thick rub blocked out the smoke.

was too eager to dig in and didn't get any pics unfortunately.

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