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Was that a repeat on last night about Cookin at the Bay or what? I figured it must have been a repeat as I did not hear much "noise" about Rodney's great victory here or on other forums. I knew he won, but did not know he was now a famous TV celebrity.

Most encouraging, knowing he is using an FE100. I will probably trial my new FE in June.
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Hey gang!

I wish that was a new show. I would sure be happy to take that big check off of their hands again. That was the November '03 contest. It was really fun. I think more people saw it this time than when it originally aired last July. Several people have called both Sheri and I since Sunday night.

Tom, I think we finished 7th with our first ever effort cooking that standing rib roast. We used Rib Dog's recipe, the one for which he credits Mike Scrutchfield. Very simple, very good.

Thnx again.


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