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Well congrats on the rib call!!!!!!!

Here is what was posted on another forum about the event

Posted by Bad Byron on July 30, 2006 at 19:07:19:

50,000 is alot of prize money for a cook-off. How else was this deep South Alabama event going to draw 67 teams in late July?
Being 90 miles from home I found myself welcoming folks to our area.
This would soon turn to embarrassment.

Most people got lost at the gate no signs guiding you in. A number of teams got lost in the base. Then there was no on to greet you. "Just find a place" was the occasional cry.
Motor homes were promised 50 amps ..they were lucky to have power.

Trash pick up and ice delivery. Weak at best. If it hadnt been for Troy Black they would have run out of ice Friday afternoon.

In all fairness they had a fabulous event dinner on Thursday night, they had great musical entertainment and the trophies were the best I have ever seen.

The Judging.
Two seperate reports claim a farce in the tent. Apparently 25% or more of the judging was off the street. Unexperienced, uncertified judges at this number is a gross injustice to the cooks in my opinion.

I dont mean to discredit the Bull's win. He is #1 in my book.
But why have a contest if you dont do it right?
Most events would love to have the money this one had to work with.
One veteren cooker who has cooked hundreds of events since 1991 said "This was the worst organized event I have ever been to."

Can money ruin competition cooking?
I think the world of Byron, he is one of my heros. In all fairness I have never been to a cook where the organizer tried so hard to make things right. Sure there was alot of room for improvement, But the problems were sorted out for the most part. When we had a problem they worked over time to fix it.
I don't know what Byron was talking about when he said can money ruin a comp. I was pleased as can be to go home with $1250 in my pocket, after finishing only sixth. I'll bet Mike thought it was a fine cook.
It is not my intent to say Byron was wrong in t his take on the contest, I just wanted to state another view.

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