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well, went out to the garage to get a cooler for the ham I am curing. going to soak it in fresh water now. noticed water on the floor-never good, right. trail led to the freezer. still running, door closed, everything thawed. got a thermometer and probed a couple pieces- all in the 47-48 range. looks ok, smells ok. last time in the freezer was 1 week ago to get the ham out I am curing. what do you think.......edible or not. I threw it all in my smoker (055)-it was only the remains of two little pigs, didn't cost me a penny. 2 small hams, 2 larger shoulders, some loin meat. I have all day to decide to eat it or throw it away. lets take a poll Smiler
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Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
When in doubt, throw it out. I just don't like testing "food safety" on my family.

I've always wondered about this. Wouldn't cooking meat for hours at temperatures above 180 kill any nasties? I know, given long enough to grow the nasties would impart their own, probably horrific, flavor. However I'm speaking only of safety here.
The problem is, the nasties give off toxins as they multiply. No amount of cooking will kill all the toxins, some are not 'live', just poisonous compounds. Take it from someone who tried - don't risk it. I tried it once, fortunately I just had mild food poisoning. Food poisoning in its mild form makes you wish you would die, and in its severe form - botulism - it can and will kill you.

47-48 F. is a good temperature for wine, but not for meat of any kind. During one of our famous hurricanes we lost electricity to a 24 Cubic foot freezer full of beef, pork, chickens and fish. Even though it felt cool inside of the freezer we pitched it all when we observed drops of moisture on the food. As Smokin stated, stay on the safe side.

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