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Originally posted by RSJ:
I'll be traveling to Ft. Worth, Texas soon and would like to know if anyone can share some "Can't Miss" BBQ places in and around the area.

Oddly, there are very few, if any, BBQ places in the entire DFW Metroplex area than can be labeled as "Can't Miss". Two of the better ones in Ft. Worth that I can vouch for as being pretty good, Angelo's and Cooper's, are on this list.
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I've been over in Irving a few times for training the last few years. Whenever I leave on Friday to go back home, I've always stopped by North Main BBQ in Euless. It's a little hole in the wall place, only open three days a week, SW of DFW Airport. Good food though. Say hey to Hubert, he'll be the one with the big wad of cash at the end of the line. No cash registers in sight.

Another good place although not in Ft. Worth was Hard Eight BBQ in Coppell, just North of DFW airport.
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Go for Pecan Lodge, oops, that's in Dallas. And the line is always over an hour or more long. Has quite the street cred.

I just haven't eaten BBQ in FW in a long time.

Cousins is the guy that beat me out for the Texas/Oklahoma BBQ contest (mentioned in the reference above) but they like a green/heavy smoke on their food.

Chef Tim Love has a new high end place that just opened up in FW. Although when I look at the menu, it's definitely BBQ by a Chef, not the traditional stuff (no offense to our resident chefs)
RSJ - If you're willing to spread your wings a little, here's another list of BBQ places in the are. It's a little dated but still pretty accurate.

AndyJ - I've made the same pre-flight stop at North Main a few times myself. Pretty good BBQ, and reasonable. For most of my trips to Dallas I fly in/out of DFW. On the infrequent occasions that I use Love Field I top off my rental car at a couple nearby gas stations that each happen to have a concession that sell some of the best barbacoa tacos I've ever had. One is the Fina station at Harry Hines Blvd. and NW Hwy., and the other is Fuel Town on Inwood just off of Stemmons Fwy. The tacos are $1.25-$1.50 a piece and they also sell the spicy Mexican corn, elote.
Well, I managed to find and dine at Cousins and Angelo's. I give the edge to Cousins. I hope to have the time to visit some of the others mentioned above. If I have to use the interstate system around here to find them, I may have to take a rain check or take some heavy medication. Thanks for all your suggestions.
If anyone is making the trek to Dallas/FW from the Houston area, I highly suggest Corkscrew BBQ...about a mile west of I 45 in the Spring/Woodlands area. It's on Budde Rd. around exit 71

It's more or less a food truck with under cover picnic tables. GREAT pulled pork done I've ever tasted. The brisket is moist & tender with a nice Oak flavor. Links too are dynamite. I didn't get to any sides but the Mac & Cheese was said to be very good by the folks sitting next to me. All meats are cooked on a large stickburner set apart from the vending truck.

Like many others, when it's gone; it's gone so best to get there by 1:00 pm

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