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For something different, try smoking roast beef. Get a top round roast, or for smaller amounts, eye of round roasts.

These are lean with not much fat, so you don't cook them low and slow. Instead add your wood and crank the smoker to the highest setting and cook until they reach an internal temp that would be consistent with how you like steak (rare, medium, or well done), approx. 140-160* internal.

After you take it out and it cools, slice thinly (it's easier to slice thinly when the meat isn't hot), and use for sandwiches. I bet it'll be the best roast beef you ever had!
I know this is an old post but I had to answer. I've done three beef standing-rib roasts on my old water smoker and they were simply outstanding cooked to about 145-150. I've always bought them with bone in because I think the bone adds a lot of flavor and moisture. The last one I bought was from a good butcher who recommended letting him cut the meat free from the bone and then tying it back in place for cooking. That was great! Same flavor but it took two minutes to carve and serve. The recipe I used was from a book called "Smoke and Spice". If you smoke - you need it!

My new 009 arrives in three days. I'm counting the minutes.
Originally posted by RibDog:
I just smoked a chuck roll on Sunday night on my FEC and it came out great. It was an 18 lb. piece of meat and took about 12 hours to cook at 240. Please note that I wrapped it at 165 in order to maintain moisture.

What was the internal temp when you pulled it? Would it be good to go to thinnly slice???
I recently did a top round small Angus roast. It was only 2.5 pounds and on sale for $1.99 a pound.
I cooked at 225F for 2.5 to 3 hours with an internal temp of 135F. It came out rare and tender with good smoke flavor. I think I would have brought the internal temp up a little more but she likes rare! I thin sliced it for dinner hot with a beef gravy. The gravy did not mask the smoke taste. The rest of it was thin sliced for sandwiches...very good!

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