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We did a 6 lb beef shoulder yesterday. While eating it my wife made the comment that if this was served as pot roast it would probably be the best either of us had ever eaten. The only thing missing would be that wonderful dark, rich gravy that you get with good pot roast.
Has anybody tried putting a small pan under the meat just to catch juices for gravy? Would the heat from the element burn it too much like it burns on top of the wood box?
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You can catch the drippings and have that base to work with.

Just like an oven,you can start your pan with a cup of water.

Like pot roast,you can also add a celery stalk,a carrot,and a sliced onion for aromatics.

The other option is foil,or place the roast in a 1/2 pan at about 165º and cover with foil.

Hope this helps a little.

You may have to adjust for smoke level,if you used much,or strong wood.
Tom is right on! Take heed of that last sentence: " You may have to adjust for smoke level,if you used much,or strong wood."

Your taste-buds are craving the gravy you are used to. Smoked gravy, well just isn't the same. I've yet to find a way to make gravy in the smoker that compliments the food. It's difficult to explain, guess you just have to try it. If you succeed let us know!
...careful, too, with the amount of rub. It will 'wash' into your pan/foil and you'll concentrate those flavors when 'gravying' it up.

P.s. I have had success smoking in a pan. A common concern is whether or not you get as much smoke penetration...and obviously if the meat lies flat on the pan, that section will be difficult to get smoke to, but otherwise I've found plenty of smoke getting to the product.

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