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We're adding a patio in the next year or two.

My Drawing skills are horrible...but we have a colonial style house with a sunroom off the back/middle of the house..and a tiny brick patio 'next' to the grill and gas smoker don't leave enough room for anything more than a small table and two chairs.

Beside the patio is some landscaping (mostly dead shrubbery) and a brick path to the side of the house. Just past that (into the yard) a large tree fell we're going to put a patio from the full width of the 2 car garage (running from the sun room to the side of the garage) and bumping out to where the tree used to be.

The shape would be like a 'P' lying on it's side.

I want to incorporate two things when the patio goes in...a shed to park the riding mower and some lawn tools in...and a grilling/smoking shelter.

The Shed (per our neighborhood covenants) has to be attached to the it will be a 'bump out' from the back of the garage.

I want some ideas for either attached roofs (extending the roof line from the garage) or separate grill shelters....

Does anyone have similar?

Any ideas?

(This is in the early planning stages, so I'm trying to decide what will work best in the end).

The grill shelter should cover a Weber grill and a smoker easily (or a PG-500 is the other option). That will allow for all weather cooking.

Thanks for any info!!!
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