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Boneless CB at 300 won't take 45 min to be finished.

If 1.5 was too much, just cut back, or switch the wood type.


Put the wood in, bring it up to temp, and then as the gray / white smoke clears, put it in. The wood is now producing clear/blue/clean smoke.

It's the particulates in the white smoke that give it a heavier taste.
DBA - I've smoked chicken one time (my second smoke ever)...

i brined my chicken
mixed mayo and CS spicy chicken rub together
rinsed brine off chicken
applied mayo/rub mixture
smoked at 275* with 1.5oz hickory
finished on grill to crisp up skin.

Everyone loved it. I thought it had a little to much smoke myself... Maybe a little less wood next time for me and you?

Was your chicken breast skinless?

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