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I am a new cookshack forum member as well as a
new Smokette 25 owner! Yesterday, I tried to use my shack for the third time and
encountered a problem. No matter how low or high I set the temp on the panel, the temperature continued to rise. When the temp. approached 300 degrees, I realized somnething was wrong and turned the unit off. I let it cool
unplugged it and then tried again. Same result. I verified that the temperature was correct by using a seperate gauge. Am I doing something wrong, or, is something defective.
Thanks for any help.
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Sounds like it could be internal temp probe. You will need to call CS Monday morning and they will help find the problem.

You might make sure that the probe doesn't have any meat stuck to it, just clean with a little vinegar.

The smoker will run wide open anytime it is turned on or plugged in for 20 min., but that should have not gotten the smoker over 250-60*.

Let us know how it turns out.
Turn it on, leave it on and see if the temp stabilizes, don't try to monitor it minute by minute, it's not made that way.

If you've read through this owners forum you'll see that the smoker goes hot initially so it can get the wood smoking and then drops.

Before I'd get worried, I'd turn it on, and let it go 1 hr, 2hr, 3hr or more and test the temps at that time.

What are you using to verify the temps, have you tested that and is it accurate?
Thanks all for reading and responding. Let me be a little more precise. The Shack worked perfectly for my break in (four+ hours @ 250).
I then did two batches of chicken thighs on two
weekends. No problems. The problem occured yesterday when, set for 250 degrees the shack climbed to greater than 375 degrees and was continuing rapidly upward. I was cooking a 3 lb chuck roast and was using a thermoworks thermometer/timer. At the time I pulled the plug, which was less than 45 minutes from start the meat was reading 160 degrees and was in fact well done. I was truly concerned that there
was indeed a possibiluty of fire. For wood, I had 1.5 oz (weighed on scale) of hickory that came with the shack.
As suggested, I tried the unit today, and turned it off when the temp reached 300 and was climing rapidly. I think I have a problem.... Verified thermoworks probe by placing in boiling H2O. Read 212+-1 degree.
there is a setting on your unit that keeps the element on no matter the temp setting for 20 mins.

of course after that you will have to open the door or let it cool more slowly to get desired temp

with most smokes taking 3+ hours this is not a big deal, however new owners are always sitting there watching the temps and this throws them for a loop....some (me) even turn it off and turn it back on a variety of times and that resets the 20 min timer.

turn it on walk away for 30 mins then come back se what its doing then.
Called CS this AM and spoke with Bill. Bad relay in control box. New unit on the way! Wow!
That is great customer service! He is also sending a return mailer so I can send the old unit back for inspection. Thanks to all for taking the time to read and respond. Cigarnv, you hit it on the head!

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