Hey guys. I need some help picking out a sausage stuffer

Ihave a LEM grinder that I have been using but its a mess and a pain in the ass. Ideally my budget is less than $200.00. 

Would love to hear your opinion

Thank you all!

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Hard to make a recommendation without knowing your service hours/volume requirements. For many years in a household setting, I found a Oster grinder/stuffer just perfect for several batches of 5 lbs or so each year. I don't think it's made anymore, but now I use my large Kitchenaid mixer's grinder/stuffer attachment with no issues. For restaurant work, I'm sure someone else here will chime in.

Is your grinder a Big Bite or one of the smaller units?  The Big Bite should do a good job.  LEM has some well regarded manual stuffers that come in under your budget as well as one slightly over.  There is also Cabelas and Weston.  They all look alike.  Pretty much your choice of brand.

I have two stuffers.  a LEM 5 pound, but I do bigger batches, so I'm saving for a hydraulic.  In the meantime, I bought a Walton's 11 pound stuffer.  Great for everything from snack sticks to large diameter sausages and filling sausage chubs.  The go on sale once in a while and Walton's is a great company with super fast shipping.  Here is the link to the stuffer.  https://www.waltonsinc.com/11-lb-sausage-stuffer


Another thread hijacking from me (but this kitchen madness will never end thanks to pandemic), but has anybody tried STX Turboforce stiffer (which comes in a bundle with a meat grinder)? 

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