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First i want to thank everyone who takes the time to reply to the questions.That has really helped me out by reading other peoples questions and replys.I am a new fec100 owner and love it.I put in a 20lb turkey thawed and seasoned breast side up with cheese cloth at 250 on the second shelf from the top fliped it half way through.Removed the cheese cloth on the last hour it took 5 hours total till the probe read 160 in the breast.I pulled it and took the temp on the dark it read 168 so i foiled the legs and thighs then foiled the whole turkey in a aluminum pan and let rest for 45 min.Nice looking bird both white and dark came out nice and tender but i am used to deep frying my turkey were the skin comes out crispy is there a way you can do this on the fec100?I was thinking about cranking it up to 400 the last half hour.
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You might want to review the Turkey section as this topic has been covered multiple times. I'm no expert, but I cooked mine at 325* and kept it wrapped in a butter drenched cheese cloth for the entire cook (even basted the chees cloth a couple more times during the cook) and it came out great. I also loosened the skin and added a mix of butter and rub under the skin.

The only down side is that at the higher temp the FEC100 generates less smoke. If you want a smokier bird, then start at a lower temp for the first 30-60 min and then bump it up.

Good luck.

Crispy skin is a function of fat and moisture... you don't want any.

The challenge is to cook it high enough for the fat to render out.

Several options, you have to pick you method.

Low and slow for smoke, then finish high OR
High all the way.

Easiest is to cook it just like mama did at 325, 350 or so the full time.

Me, if I'm wanting a crispy skin (most of the family throws the skin off anyway, so I don't normally worry about it) here's what I do?

Before starting, I separate the skin from the meat and add butter underneath. Flavors the breast. Check out Turkey 101 for what I do there.

I don't like a lot of smoke in my turkey, so I personally skip the low and slow. I do mine at 275. When the white meat hits about 130, I turn up the heat to 350.

I also make sure the bird is oiled (helps flavor the skin as well as cook it). I usually have been using a Cheese cloth to keep it moist, but at this temp I now remove it. I make sure there is still butter on the bird (add it if you don't OR you can use butter flavor spray).

I also reseason at this point as higher temps tend to change the taste of the original rub.

Cook it until it hits 150 or so in the breast (i usually carries over 10 degrees because I let mine sit for 30 min).

And DO NOT tent the bird with foil. Anywhere you tent it, the foil will trap moisture and heat and soften the skin.



When you talk about re-seasoning, I guessing that this would be done to the out side of the skin at this point? Do you use your original seasoning or is this a good time for salt and pepper,etc... for looks?

I guess it is a little late to see about borrowing a FEC100 for tomorrow, oh well! Thanks for the info, it was kind of you Smokin', may you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.You have made it possible for ours to be happy!!!

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