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I got some Sweet Italian sausage rope from Restaurant Depot, brand name Pork King. I let it sit in the fridge for a couple days to thaw, then put it on a rack and threw it in the AQ. I saw on another site said to cook them at 250 until 165 internal, about 3-4 hours. That took more like an hour on the AQ. This did not seem to give the casing enough time to cook to a nice texture, though. Also 3 oz of hickory seemed to put on way too much smoke.

Looking through the forum here I see different techniques advocated. 4.5 oz hickory with 130/3 hrs then 140/1.5 hrs, remove a cold plate, then 180 for an hour. Another for 190/1 hour then 225 until 160 internal is reached, no cold plate.

Suggestions for wood, time, and temp for hot smoking thawed but raw sausages like this? Anything change if I do venison ones vs. pork? Anyone ever smoke from frozen or is that a terrible idea?

Thank you in advance.
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You can EASILY over smoke in the AQ, I ruined a great batch of home made andouille that way. Sometimes I "smoke" sausage or fish just with the season of the AQ. Italian sausage needs very little smoke. I would go with a lower temp, if you are trying to get the casing to dry for that snap I think you are shooting for. Also if do you want some smoke go with pecan or Apple. 1-2 oz AT Most. I like my AQ over my FEC at lower temps. But if I want something to cook at 185*-220, then the FEC is the way to go.... lighter smoke profile. I would go for a 160-162 finish temp at 190-210 cook temp. Low amd slow.......
Pags, I think you are right. For many years, I've used a recipe that calls for smoking at 180 - 190 for two hours (1 1/2 inch casings), followed by simmering at 170 for 30 minutes, then a cool water bath for 30 minutes. I've seen some refer to this a "showering and blooming" although those terms are also used for a slightly different process. In any case, I think the water treatment helps take away some of the excess smoke from the casing.
Before I saw the replies here I did another batch. 1.6 ounces of hickory, 190 degrees, cooked until 165 internal. There is a bit much smoke on them and I agree it's in the casing. I might go 1 ounce of pecan or apple next time, 185 degrees, and stop at 165 internal again based on the advice here. I may even try the "shower and bloom", we'll see. Thanks to everyone for the advice!

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