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Well, there's the proper way that Pags alluded to, namely collect the juices from the rib, degrease them after cooking, add water and/or wine, then boil down to concentrate flavors.

Sounds good, but I've never tried it in a smoker and don't think it would work.

If you can find Lawrey's Au Jus mix go with it. It's great!

I usually make au jus with Minors beef base with celery, carrot, and onion added for flavor. Then thickened very slightly with corn starch. you can add wine or spices as you see fit. It might not be proper French au jus, but it's better than most restaurants serve.
Originally posted by Todd G.:
Minors beef base

Been using their stuff for years.

Do a google search on "how to make au jus" and it will cover the basic's.

The ONLY way in the smoker is to put a pan underneath, but it will cook out if you don't watch it like a hawk. If you put a pan underneath to catch it, you'll have to add water (which will also cook off).

Basically, it's more trouble than it's worth in the smoker, unless you want to baby sit it.
Originally posted by Bacchus2b:
What Todd G. said!

You can also find Campbell's Beef Consumme in the canned soup section of the grocery store. It's concentrated beef broth with geletin added for body, just find some horseradish and you are good to go!

Some of the powder mixes are O.K. as well, I just prefer the canned.

I tried this method last weekend and it came out better than I expected. I sauted onions, carrot and celery until the onions were well carmelized. I added the consomme straight from the can (no added water) to the saute pan and simmered together for about 15 minutes. Strained into a saucepan. Added about a TBS of cornstarch to half soup can of water and mixed well. Brought the saucepan to a light boil and gradually added the cornstarch until just slightly thick. It was so good and very little trouble at all.
Thanks Bacchus2b!
I know it's not the "homemade" method, but I learned of this website from a chef.

I can recommend any of the items from this site. I keep a jar of the AU JUS stock. 1TB to a quart of water and let it simmer comes real close. We'll use the traditional method of au jus, we'll just substitute this stuff for the store bought stocks (water).

Source for stocks @ Soupbase

I'll make chuck roast in the smoker, take it out at 3 hours of smoke and add a quart of this stuff add the CR, put it back in the smoker, cover until it hits about 195 internal.

I also go with Scott on the consomme, BUT buy it in advance. Arond Nov/Dec it disappears from the shelves as they can't keep it in stock for the holidays.

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