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Cooking 26 lbs. of trimmed brisket for 50 people in our condo association.

Cooking one 8 lb. brisket today and should be done around 8pm tonight. Will get up early and cook a 7 lb. and 10 lb. tomorrow morning.

Question, how best to reheat the brisket I cook today to serve tomorrow at 5pm? Brisket will be sliced for sandwiches.

Thanks, Steve
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Like Smokin',sorry to be behind.

We have used part of both these fine cooks process.
If we weren't doing he slicing/serving and had an oven at the function to reheat,We chilled and then slice before going to the meeting.
Like Max,drizzle enough soppin's over the slice to come less than 1/4 inch up the slices,cover the half pan with HD plastic and then foil and then pop in a 250º oven for around an hr when we got there.

The servers[or serve yourselfers] ,that aren't knife people can lift slices out with whatever they have.

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