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I just ordered a PG 1000.  Can anyone give me some pointers on what to expect as far as set up, and initial use?  I have  both the SM045 and 066.  I have been helping new owners of these smokers by letting them know some of the things to watch for.  Now I am just hoping someone can do that for me with the new purchase.

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setup of my rig was extremely simple, but it came off a showroom floor so was already assembled and whatnot.

loaded pellets, plugged it in and did the seasoning process.

lined the drip tray and ash tray and whatnot with foil and got to cookin'

your first direct grill sessions, NEVER leave your meat unattended for more than 2 minutes.  my biggest learning curve was direct grill.  it gets super hot and will char a burger or chop in no time flat.  I have found no reason to ever grill with temp set higher than 425.

Also when grilling, make sure cooker gets all the way to temp and let it sit there for 5 minutes or so.  if you put stuff on when temp is still rising, you will get sooty acrid flavor.

for smoking, it can be as hands on or hands off as you want it to be.  unfortunately i have an engineering background so i am always tinkering and trying to obtain perfect temp control.  if you can stomach some moderate temperature flucuations just let the factory LHT/HHT run the show and go inside and drink a cold beverage.  you also have the benefit of the insulated version compared to my PG500 so you will probably be in good shape.

otherwise,  just do some experimenting and get to know the different zones.  it is a little counterintuitive, but the exhaust side is the hot side of the indirect portion (on mine anyways) so i usually put thicker cuts on that end (thick side of packer brisket for example).

If you are a tinkerer and try to fine tune the LHT/HHT, give some time between adjustments for things to settle out.  that was another learning curve of mine.  I would make adjustments too frequently and end up chasing my tail.

I'd find a good cover if you haven't already.  I found a good char broil cover that fit perfectly and was much cheaper than the cookshack version.

most importantly, keep us posted!!!  would love to see pics of the shiny new unit and the results of the first cooks!

sorry for writing a novel...

PG 1000 showed up yesterday late.  Yes they set it in the sun on a 100 degree day.  I didn't mess with it.  I finally got most of it un packaged today (Another 100 degree day).  I can't find the screws/bolts that hold the side shelf on.  I called Cookshack and discovered that they do short Fridays, and I was an hour late.  I have looked everywhere for these screws and can't find them.  Naturally it is Friday the 13th.  I guess I will have to wait for Monday to find out what size these screws/bolts are.  All the owner's manual says is 7/16".  I really wanted to get this thing fired up this weekend but it isn't going to happen.  I am a month post open heart surgery and am limited to lifting up to 10 pounds so probably shouldn't be moving the grill around anyway.

Jay:  My Daughter and Son-in-law came over today and moved the new PG 1000 around to the patio.  They found the small package of screws.  They were under the ash drawer in the bottom of the smoker.  The funny thing is that I had looked there yesterday and didn't see them.  Anyway it is moved and ready to season.


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