Today, I began by smoking four pounds of salmon in my Smokette. A little over two hours with alder wood at 225 degrees.

I gave it a one hour rest, switched to hickory wood, and did three slabs of ribs. Four hours at 225 degrees.

And now there is a 7 pound pork butt in the Smokette. My last pork butt took 19 hours to come up to 190 degrees internal temperature. I am doing this one with a combo of apple and hickory wood at 225 degrees (for now). I will probably kick it up a little when I hit the "165 degree plateau".

The butt should be ready to pull early tomorrow afternoon. I am going to pull the pork, top with a little Carolina Coleslaw, and take it to my neighbors for dinner tomorrow night.

Good eatin' in the neighborhood!!!

Love my Cookshack. If I have another beer, I might just order the 055!!!

David in OP, Kansas
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Are you going to take the time to eat any of that impressive production? Wow! And I thought I kept my 009 busy with 1-2 batches per week! I smoked a 7 pound butt today with a combination of hickory and apple and it took 20 hours to get to 192. I then double wrapped it in foil, then a towel and placed it in a cooler. Our guests arrived 90 minutes later and they said it was the best pork they had ever eaten. It was good! I used Head Country seasoning for my rub and served the pulled pork with fresh buns and my favorite Head Country sauce.
Dave, You go boy! Just keep that Smokette a smokin'.

I did 9 Whitebass yesterday about a pound each. 2.8 oz apple for the smoke. We fish Lake Erie alot for Walleye and invariably pick up 4-5 Whitebass which aren't very good fresh, but are very good smoked. My partners are always willing to give me their bass as they know they'll get a couple back after they're smoked.

I'm using an 008 and love it.


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