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Looks good, Nordy.

I'm puzzled about a couple things in the video. Stuart initially says to smoke them at 180F for 1 hour, then later says 225F for 45 minutes. Which is correct? Also, with either method, the smoking times seem to me to be awfully long for shrimp, which are then finished on direct heat for 2 minutes at 400F. My initial reaction was that the shrimp wpould be way overcooked, but I could be wrong. Were the shrimp frozen when started?
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Just email Stuart and ask him. But lower temp for one hour or a higher temp for 45 min sounds about the same amount of time because he varied the temp. Hey, he doesn't talk from a script, so give him a hard time if you want.

Me, I probably wouldn't do it on time anyway the first time. I'd also make sure they were thawed. The ones in the video were frozen when he put them in the pan.
I noticed that discrepancy as well.

Mine were not frozen but were cold...

Cook at 225 for 45 min not 180. Really either is fine. However at 180 the parkay won't melt as fast. After 45 min at 225 my shrimp were not "done" and they were not over done at the end. Seemed like a long time to me too, but I can't argue with the results... they were great!

Oh... and the 400 degrees that's a little tricky on these grills. Yes his set point was 400 degrees, however depending on the LHT and HHT settings he may have been well over or well under that at the grate level. Also varies depending on whether you leave the grill open or not. I set mine at 400, but had to turn the HHT setting down to about 60-70 so the fire wouldn't get too big with the hood up... More of a "feel" than a hard setting at 400 deg.

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